Company Info


Sanda Steel Industry Co. Ltd had been founded more than 40 years.

The factory was built up by the first generation (1970s) of operators in Central Road , Xizhi Dist, New Taipei City, which started the production of low- carbon steel wire.

  •   In 1980s, Sanda Steel purchased another factory in Bade Road , Yingge Dist, New Taipei City. The acquisition process increased manufacture power of wire drawing. 
  •  In 1990s, with further expansion, Sanda Steel invested a new factory in Industrial Park, Pingzhen  Dist, Taoyuan City to start the Nails business.
  •  In New Century 2000s, with over 30 years’ business experience, Sanda Steel decided to centralize all of current business to Taoyuan Pingzhen factory, which continued to align with equipment upgrade, environment sustainability and better customization services.
  • In 2010s, the 3rd young generation successfully took over the business. It brings more brainstorming to the current business on how to develop new ideas to improve of the traditional manufacturing economy. The change of management also develops the people skill to keep pace with the world 's progress and development.

As a result, Sanda Steel Factory passes the ISO 9001 certification to continue provide reliable product quality.  


With the expansion business of local customers and foreign customers, Sanda Steel now proudly announces its own credos (RED, which represents the true colour of Sanda Steel) to grow the business becoming Taiwan No 1 Steel industry.

  1. Reliable product, we will focus more on improving quality to enhance the competitiveness of our products (such as: screws, nails, needles, fasteners, automotive electronic parts and industry raw material supply)
  2. Environment sustainability.
  3.  Develop further on the new technology, such as more range of services to a variety of related products processing of raw materials, foundry agency services to facilitate a variety of customers’ needs and the integration of the finished product.